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Surface Resource, Thibaut Designs

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Artisian by Thibaut: Thibaut's Artisan Collection with The Alpha Workshops represents a true homage to high-quality, innovative techniques, touched with the signature look of Alpha and colored with the signature palette of Thibaut. Enriched by the desire to preserve traditions of the decorative arts, Thibaut and The Alpha Workshops worked together to create this testament to beauty and tradition. Royalties from the sale of Alpha Workshops for Thibaut patterns will directly support Alpha's training and employment programs.

Pattern Play

by York: Exuberant shapes repeat and unite with vivid hues.

Contrast.  Create.  Harmonize

Jubilee by Thibaut:  Guided by a passion and energy for adventure, the Jubilee Collection by Thibaut is a chic gathering of patterns and colors sure to inspire. Painted in pastoral hues, worldly motifs are translated upon sleek, tactile grounds in a great array of textures, shapes and styles.

Callisto by Arcadia for Thibaut:

Classically inspired but with an eye to modern design trends, this richly textured collection of wallpapers includes a variety of textile-derived patterns interpreted in a primarily subtle palette that is accented by dramatic indigo and charcoal grey.

Ashford Geometrics by Ashford House: Familiar shapes combine with artistic styling to create elegant, unpretentious designs. Honest. Neat. Precise. The simple geometric.

Brocade by Brewster:

Elaborate brocades and beautiful embroidered details weave a story of sophistication and culture. Beautiful damasks, swirling acanthus leaves, Florentine flame stitch, fleur de lis, florals, tartans and stripes are all splendidly embellished with silk and gold threads. These woven looks bring a timeless luxury to life in your home, inspired by magnificent upholstery, exquisite textiles and noble attire.

Damask Resource 3

by Thibaut:

Thibaut has translated the ancient weaving technique of Damask into beautiful wallpaper prints for the modern living space. Using varying printing techniques and paper types, Damask Resource Volume 3 diversifies its appeal by expanding the impact of this traditional art form.

Venue for Brewster:

Decorating the world with verve. Venue is modern wallpaper, where dazzling effects are mixed with a hint of old world splendor. Give your space the magnificent allure of captivating mirages & elusive patterns. Polished faux marble, optical illusions, swirling motifs, geometrics and textures are all designed with posh effects. Holographs, glitter, glass beads, and pearlescent finishes with tactile inks lend depth to these eye-catching designs.

Waverly Kids

for York:

As bright and vivacious as today’s modern kids; bold, distinctive and playful. It’s their Waverly World, we just live in it!

Trade Routes

by Thibaut:

Choosing the road well-traveled, Thibaut presents the Trade Routes collection of coordinating wallpaper, print and embroidered fabrics. Patterns were inspired by handcrafted and primitive techniques from faraway places.

Lyric by Anna French

for Thibaut:

"Great music inspires me. Opera especially. I'll never forget the first time I saw Rigoletto live at the Royal Theatre in Scotland - it took my breath away. To create this wallpaper collection, I have taken a Lyric here and there from my last fabric collection, Aria, that I hope will create rooms as inspiring as the music I listen to while working on these designs." -- Anna French

Ami by Brewter:

Ami is a charming collection of small to mid-scale wallpaper prints in a fresh and carefree palette of colors. Each of the compositions is simply lovely, with tender detail and a hint of free-spirited beauty. Ami is a happy assortment of tres chic wallpapers, presented in five distinct color stories, and also includes two enchanting wall murals.

Echo Design by Kenneth James

for Brewster:

A designer wallpaper collection by Kenneth James, Echo designs are distinctive and delightful. Retro designs and contemporary wallpapers are mixed with mod patterns in a happy color palette. 

Kismet by Brewster:

Awaken your surroundings with layers of bohemian pattern and color from around the globe. This poetic collection creates a look that is vibrant yet romantic, with a touch of exotic beauty. Eastern inspired shibori, Marrakech inspired designs and batiks mingle with Moroccan mosaics, gypsy floral medallions and chic damasks. Kismet blends free-spirited designs with an adventurous color palette for a look that's refreshing and inspiring. 

Serenade by Anna French

for Thibaut:

With a passion for creative expression, Serenade by Anna French is a masterful compilation of wallcoverings that pays homage to English culture. Harmonizing patterns range from intricate paisleys, vining florals, and baroque damasks to simple geometrics, coordinating stripes and printed textures. All patterns are printed on non-woven paper using state-of-the-art printing methods in adventurous color palettes.

Texture Resource 4

by Thibaut:

The high-performance wallcoverings in Texture Resource Volume 4 are ideal for commercial and residential application and durable enough to withstand high-traffic areas like hallways, bathrooms, and kid rooms. The embossed vinyls have a tactile, textured surface which gives depth and dimension that cannot be achieved with paint. Resistant to stains of many types, these wallpapers can be scrubbed with most household cleaning products. Resonant colors ranging from light greys and neutrals to dark and spicy earth tones, with surprising metallics and pops of color can be found throughout.

Layla by Kenneth James for Brewster:

Defined by high style, time honored elegance, and exceptional design, Layla is a distinguished brand of boutique styled wallpapers by designer Kenneth James. Taking designs to new depths of luxe, Layla is infused with an exquisite array of unique finishes, including subtle hints of metallics, pearlescence, suede and raised inks.

Kids World

by Brewster:

Kids World lets you have fun with your décor! These wallpapers are perfect for kids décor, bringing youthful colors and patterns to life with whimsy and happiness. Birds, vintage Paris and London scenes, fairies, robots, polka dots and pinstripes await for the cutest kids rooms! 

Ashford Stripes

by Ashford House:

The eternally popular stripe; neat, versatile, refined.Simple and subtle or bold and bright the sophisticated stripe is always right.

Grasscloth Resource 3

by Thibaut:

Thibaut introduces Grasscloth Resource Volume 3, a dynamic collection of grasses, raffia and paper weaves. This vibrant collection includes grasscloths with printed geometric shapes, as well as colorful sisals and mylar papers with high-gloss metallic finishes. The striking textures of these wallcoverings add depth and dimension, while warm and freshly colored grounds naturally coordinate with other patterns.

Resort by Thibaut: Nostalgic and bold, the Resort Collection celebrates bright days in sophisticated style. Chic chinoiserie flair and fun novelties meet fashionable geometric shapes in this Limited Edition Collection of coordinating wallpaper, printed and woven fabrics.


Atelier by Ronald Redding for York: Access to the finest skilled tradesmen and brilliant artisans is synonymous with privilege, discerning taste and luxury. Enter the world of the master class; this is Atelier.

Brothers and Sisters V by York:  From toddler to “tween” and all in between. Wallpapers interesting and interactive for cool kid style!

Gold Leaf by York: Gold; universal symbol for luxury, wealth, and status. Fine nature's essence re-imagined in luminous, shimmering metals in this fine collection of wallpapers.

Williamsburg II by York: Heritage fuses with modern style to create the signature “Trend Meets Tradition” approach of the acclaimed Williamsburg brand.

Alhambra by Kenneth James for Brewster:

Alhambra, a global chic wallpaper collection by Kenneth James, is full of old world inspiration with a fresh twist for today's trends. Cultured designs with a Moroccan vibe are colored in soft neutrals, ivory and metallic washes, with a pop of rich jewel tones, foil and glitter. Cultured medallions, paisleys, ornate stripes and large scale damasks have a beautiful, well-traveled allure that brings exquisite detail to the interior of your room.

Biscayne by Thibaut: Soothing neutrals and energizing bright colors are preserved within the Biscayne Collection by Thibaut, a full offering of bold wallpapers, chic fabrics, and rich wovens. Flush with on trend themes, the Biscayne Collection is a chic and invigorating cluster of vibrant sea stills, inspiring ikats, and a plethora of whimsical designs awash in carefree tones.

Modern Luxe by Candice Olson for York:

This magnificent Candice Olson collection re-interprets classic designs and traditional luxury with a style that is simple, sophisticated and modern.

Zola by Anna French

for Thibaut:

"Great literature or a walk in the forest can be my favorite escapes. The best inspiration comes from connecting with nature. The Zola wallpaper collection is an artful interpretation of the elements that shape the world around us. Vibrant bursts of color combine with interesting pattern and bold florals to depict an image of vitality and possibility." -- Anna French


for York:





Neutral Resource

by Thibaut:

A wide array of natural tones comprise Thibaut's Neutral Resource wallpaper collection. Designs range from traditional classic patterns to novelty contemporary prints. A variety of metallics paired with colors such as soft fawn, stone, and charcoal enrich the neutral color palette. Specialty papers like cork and raffia enliven the collection with dimension and vitality.

Symetrie is a captivating study in geometrics, modern architecture, optical illusions, and visual representations of why mathematics is the language of the universe. With a sophisticated appreciation for clean lines and uncomplicated forms, this collection has a very harmonious quality, with a contemporary appeal. The patterns are a fusion of logic and luxe, where tactile inks and textured effects add depth to balanced and beautiful designs.

Menswear Resource

by Thibaut:

Tried and true classics have been gathered together for a veritably masculine collection of wallcoverings in Menswear Resource by Thibaut. Ranging from staple elements, such as stripes and plaids, to covetable paisleys, Menswear Resource is the perfect go to for a multitude of room settings, such as dens, studies, libraries, family rooms, and more. Painted in a full range of bold and neutral color palettes, there is truly something for everyone.

Geometric Resource

by Thibaut:

Thibaut introduces Geometric Resource, a dynamic tool filled with unified designs of shape and movement. Hip geometrics, traditional trellis and simple small prints are paired with subtle and bold color combinations, making decorating with wallpaper easy and fun.

Kitchen & Bath Resource III:

Bright and pretty, fresh and classy, this collection is bursting with inspiration for two important spaces in your home. With Kitchen & Bath Resource III, you can showcase a beautiful range of styles from sleek and contemporary to whimsical and vintage-chic by adding a splash of color or stylish graphics to your walls.

Stacy Garcia's Paper Muse Collection:

Bold, Captivating and Charming

Richmond by Thibaut:

Inspired by all things beautiful, Thibaut is proud to present the abundant Richmond Collection. Curated with a deep regard for classic American design and reverence for British style, this Limited Edition Collection is filled with powerful statement patterns and subtle notions of luxury in wallpaper, printed fabrics and sumptuous wovens.

Oxford by Beacon House for Brewster:

Oxford creates a range of mens "pursuit" theme wallcoverings such as nautical life, nostalgic travel symbolism, architectural, fishing and polo motifs. The collection also includes traditional menswear looks like paisley, plaids, and stripes as well as masculine faux effects of metal, leather, stone and wood. These designer wallcoverings evoke the spirit of a well-appointed man's space, office, den, bedroom, or anywhere a gentleman would frequent.

Imperial Garden

by Thibaut:

Thibaut introduces the Imperial Garden collection of coordinating wallpaper, embroidery, print and woven fabrics. Inspired by the Far East, many patterns come from antique documents. This collection takes traditional to the next level and includes a cut velvet tiger pattern, a large scale damask, graphic ikats, and grand chinoiserie dragons and florals.

Graphic Resource

by Thibaut:

Graphic Resource is a collection of wallcoverings that range from bold patterns to fun novelties and graceful geometrics. This wallpaper collection offers a variety of perfectly scaled and upbeat designs in exciting and also subtle color combinations.

Jiangsu by Kenneth James for Brewster:

A designer grasscloth wallpaper collection showcasing the finest natural materials and beautiful craftsmanship. Add style and depth to walls with these eco-chic weaves, full of intrigue and exotic texture. Jiangsu is brought to you from Kenneth James.

Natural Resource Vol. 2

by Thibaut:

With a more literal meaning of the word "natural," Thibaut's Natural Resource Volume 2 collection encompasses raw materials and specialty papers such as printed corks, sisals, paperweaves and metallic linens. A few patterns have been brought forward in new colorways from older collections, including Cork and Herringbone Weave from Natural Resource, and Ceriman and Alexander from Neutral Resource. New introductions to this extensive category of unique wallcoverings include sensuous textures like mica and flock.