Home Interiors · 03. July 2019
What's up with the palm leaves? Was it the long winter? Maybe it's back to nature, or do we just love the fun playful patterns that the palm leaves form.
Home Interiors · 05. June 2019
Area rugs ... where to start?

Home Interiors · 22. March 2018
(Posted by Michelle Micolta) Q: I am selling my home and need to paint. What colors are most appealing to buyers these days? A: Your house right now probably is chalk full of personality and coziness. I know that because that's what makes a house a home. But the real task at hand is converting your home into an appealing house that is intriguing and alluring to new home owners in the market right now. Color trends are important to keep updated on; as the wrong choice of color or straying away...
Home Interiors · 23. February 2018
(Posted by Michelle Micolta) Q: I thought wallpaper screams “Grandma!” but I heard it's coming back into style. Is that true? A: Heck yes – Wallpaper is back in! Did it ever really leave? We have 500+ wallpaper books and every single day we have new orders come through. With hot big name designers like Candace Olson and Joanna Gaines, making their mark in the wallpaper world with stunning patterns, textures, and colors – it's no wonder even millennials are fawning over all the wallpaper...

Home Interiors · 25. January 2018
(Posted by Michelle Micolta) Q: I want to update my home, but where do I start?
Home Interiors · 17. March 2017
(Posted by Liz Schaiper) Day 24 is St.Patrick's Day! Liz has a few thoughts about "Green" ... using green, appreciating green, being green, and even saving some green. #131DaysofDesign #Day24 #HappyStPatricksDay

Home Interiors · 23. September 2016
(Posted by Liz Schaiper) Chicago Cubs baseball is painting a whole new picture this year! Winning has become a habit with this "all in" 2016 team. Whether or not you are a Chicago Cub fan or a Sox fan it is evident this team is well managed and the real deal this year. The Chicago Cubs have finally painted a winning picture. Benjamin Moore is the official paint of the Chicago Cubs. There are three specialty colors to make your home feel even closer to the old ballpark. First, Cubbies Blue...
Home Interiors · 24. June 2016
(Posted by Sue Paasch) Do Fabrics Speak To You? I love everything about fabric … How it feels when I touch it, to the way it can transform any room into something special. When it flows between your fingers, can’t you just see that beautiful sheer moving across the sliding glass door in a family room offering a little privacy yet obscuring the lovely natural view of a paradise garden? Fabric is what gives a room its personality. From soft pastels to fairies & ikat designs for little...

Home Interiors · 06. April 2016
(Posted by Amanda Delaney) "The only important thing about design is how it relates to people." - Victor Papanek A Little Punch of Paisley... I feel like this admission has been a long time coming, but here it is....I LOVE PAISLEYS! Not sure why, but for some reason I've always had it in my head that I don't like them, which is strange considering my house is a small 'I Spy' book of this beautiful print. It just kind of creeps up on me without me even knowing and the next thing I know,...
Home Interiors · 28. January 2016
(Posted by Liz Schaiper)

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