Designing is working with principles and elements of an area to

personalize according to mood and desires to transform your surroundings.  I believe that we should always be considerate of our environment in our creations.  It always puts a smile on mt face to see a beautifully put together project!


Sue Paasch

June 24, 2016




Do Fabrics Speak To You?


I love everything about fabric … How it feels when I touch it, to the way it can transform any room into something special.


When it flows between your fingers, can’t you just see that beautiful sheer moving across the sliding glass door in a family room offering a little privacy yet obscuring the lovely natural view of a paradise garden? 


Fabric is what gives a room its personality.  From soft pastels to fairies & ikat designs for little girls to grow into. There are bold solids, stripes and plaids to work with a sport themed room or for a fun outdoor idea.  Faux leathers, velvets and chenilles for bar stools can  make a contemporary office space sophisticated and elegant.


Fabric can warm up a room ... make it cozy, comfortable and inviting.  A chocolate brown sectional in the family room that is in front of a fireplace can give that pop that it needs along with assorted throw pillows. The large windows that look out into a wooded back yard can have a more rustic feel with natural shades and beautiful drapery panels framing out the windows. 


Viewing a line of fabrics puts my imagination into full swing!


Come and visit us at our Glenview location. We have a tremendous selection of fabric to choose from and the design ideas to make your dreams come true.


Pictured from left to right above:

Cowtan and Tout / Meadow Flower Fairies            Fabric Tent / Nemo Persimmon

Norbar / Kingdom Stinger            Norbar /Sinbad            Kravet / Hollister            Stout / Chambray / Cadet

RM Coco / Polk / Harrison            Maxwell / Disco - Tec            Duralee / Clarkwille Collection


March 24, 2015

Transom Windows…

I have been fascinated with transom windows since I was a young girl. How they operated and how light comes in through them has always interested me. My grandfather lived in a100 year old 3-flat building in Chicago that had transom windows above the back doors. Years ago these windows were used to get air circulating in the house. I remember they were hard to open for me at the time. Many of the Frank Lloyd Wright and prairie style homes have transom windows that use colored or stained glass. These windows would bring both light and color into a room. Today transom windows are an architectural feature used primarily above windows and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Deciding on how to cover or decorate windows can be challenging. Very often when someone sees they have transom windows in their home, they would like to show them off. If the transom windows are placed above other windows, do you cover all of the windows or leave the transom uncovered? Are these windows in an area where you may want some privacy? How much light comes in these windows and what type of furnishing are in these rooms? These are some of the questions to consider. If you decide to only cover the lower part of your window you do have to take into consideration the overall look of the room. This look could make the windows look shorter which will make the total height of a wall or the room appear shorter. You want to make sure you have a balanced look. A transom will bring more light into a room, so be sure the furnishings are protected from damaging UV rays.

There are many different products and ideas to cover these windows. If the transom windows are directly above casement or double hung windows drapery could be used to cover the whole window. When the drapes are open you will then see the transom windows. Some window treatment products can cover each window individually such as shutters, honeycomb shades to name a few. Drapes could then be used as side panels to accent the windows and bring color into the room. Stained glass or colored glass could be used in transom window and then the window would be left uncovered. No matter what you choose you want a balanced and pleasing look to the eye for your home.

July 8, 2014

...well several months have now passed and here is what has been happening in the family room.


We put down a new floor. We were looking for a flooring that had the look of wood but would be easy to care for, especially if we water again. The Inspira flooring that we chose is a vinyl plank flooring that snaps together. It does not have to be glued down and if we would get water, the planks would come up. All you would have to do is dry them and re-install.

The next thing that we did was to add some window treatments. There are a lot of choices. We were looking at the Hunter Douglas products. In our family room we have one large window. The window is wide but not very long. The window treatment could be done as 1 large shade or 3 smaller ones side by side. The theme I was working for is  coastal or nautical. I found that several of the Hunter Douglas products would give us the look we wanted. The wood blinds, and woven textured shades would have to be made as 3 separate blinds side by side because of the window width. The honeycomb shade and the screen shade could be 1 large shade or 3 separate shades. We decided to go with 1 shade for the ease of operating and a clean and simple look. The product we chose was the screen shade. We were able to get some light to come in an the privacy that would be needed at night.

When it came to adding all the little accessories, there were so many places to go and look. I started online to see what was available and where I could get them. I also looked in magazines for ideas. Before buying anything I did want to touch and see things. We were going with the coastal look and I found that many stores had a lot to offer.

I think accessories help tie a room together. The family room in the lower level of my house is now a perfect place to relax, entertain or even catch a ball game.

February 17, 2014



It’s hard to believe that we are now into the second month of the year, February. It was a cold and snowy January and it looks like it’s going to continue into February. It’s a great time to finish some of those projects from 2013. If you’re like me I had some big ideas to get some decorating done for the holidays, but my big ideas ran out of time. I started  to re-model our family room before the holidays, but just couldn’t get it all done. So now I’m wallpapering part of my family room. We took down some paneled walls and replaced them with dry wall. We painted, re-stained, and now I want to add some wallpaper.

There are so many new and beautiful wallpapers available today. There are geometric, abstracts, floral, textures, handcrafted and even grasscloth. They are available in so many colors from neutral to bold colors. Getting your walls ready to wallpaper is key. Your walls have to be clean and prepared with a wallpaper sizing. If you have wallpaper on your walls that has to be removed first. There are many products on the market to help with that job. Wallpaper can be either strippable or peelable. Strippable is great because when it comes off it will come off the top design side as well as the backing.With peelable wallpaper the top design layer comes off then you have to take the backing off. Grasscloth may be a little harder to remove.

Once the wallpaper is off you’re ready to re-size your walls. Now it’s time for fun. Wallpaper can either be pre-pasted or unpasted. Some people want to use paste with the pre-pasted paper and there is an adhesive made for that. Wallpaper paste can come already to use or you can mix it yourself. It’s best to check with the wallpaper company to see what they recommend for your job. Handcrafted and grasscloth do need special care to hang properly.

Wallpaper can be used to make a statement or for an accent wall in any room. When some of the handcrafted and grasscloth papers are used you may only need a minimum amount of art work or accessories. Wallpaper can add warmth, personality and fun to your room.

My wallpaper is now done we are now working on flooring and accessories...