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Michelle Anderson

February 10, 2017

Day 14 is National Umbrella Day. What a useful invention. Not only does it keep us dry from the rain, but it can also protect us from the sun, much like SUNBRELLA fabrics do for our outdoor and even our indoor spaces. Protect your patio furniture & pillows from nature's elements and your everyday mishaps inside too!

#131DaysofDesign #Day14

September 21, 2016

~ Most Searched Colors ~


When someone walks in to our paint store and the they head right to the paint chips and begin to ask “can you help me find...” we can almost always finish the sentence for them with “revere pewter?”. This is the most coveted “greige” color that so many people are trying to achieve in design right now. Not gray, not beige, but somewhere in between that works with almost any décor.


On Benjamin Moore's website, you can view their “most-searched paint colors.” It's no surprise that the list is comprised almost entirely of neutrals. The list includes:


HC-45 Shaker Beige

HC-4 Hawthorne Yellow

HC-81 Manchester Tan

HC-26 Monroe Bisque

HC-143 Wythe Blue

HC-80 Bleeker Beige

HC-172 Revere Pewter

HC-44 Lenox Tan

Linen White

White Dove

Navajo White


Of these colors, the whites are definitely the most popular trim colors, and I would say Shaker Beige and Revere Pewter are the most popular for walls. I love that sunny Hawthorne Yellow is thrown in to the mix because it's bright and cheerful with a warmth that I always think a yellow wall should have. Wythe Blue doesn't surprise me as being part of this list, as it was the Color of the Year a few years back. It has always been a peaceful blue-green that evokes feelings of calmness.


Some may view all of these neutrals as “safe” colors and therefore boring, but I like to think of them as classic backdrops for a well-designed home. They open up the possibilities for changing accent colors and styles.

                                                                             Design is everywhere.

                                                                                      Design is life is design.



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March 17, 2016

~ Reupholstery ~


Did you know that we reupholster furniture here at Thybony?! If you didn't, you do now!


Having your furniture reupholstered can really breathe new life in to your room and is a great way to update without the time and effort required to shop for a new piece. 


One question we get very frequently is “is it worth it to have this piece reupholstered?” Our answer is usually “it depends.” There are lots of factors that go in to having a piece reupholstered. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you make the commitment.


Does this piece have sentimental value?


Is this piece well built with good “bones”?


Does the size and style fit perfectly where you want to put it?


Have you shopped around for a new piece and can't find anything you like better?


If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then I would have the furniture reupholstered.


Don't forget the details! The little things are what make a reupholstery job truly custom. Add decorative trim and cordings, buttons and tufting, nailheads and skirts – the possibilties are endless!


The cost of reupholstery will greatly depend on the fabric you select and if the furniture needs new foam/cushions, touch ups, or refinishing of the legs.


We would be happy to help with your reupholstery project! Check out a few of our completed projects for ideas and inspiration!



                                                                             Design is everywhere.

                                                                                      Design is life is design.



January 14, 2016

~ New Wallcoverings from Romo ~


Hands down, one of my favorite wallpaper manufacturers is Romo. They have just released their newest collection, Xander Wallcoverings, and all I can say is that they didn't disappoint! I can't decide which of these patterns I like more because they each have their own distinctive look.


Issy is a whimsical abstract pattern of contemporary flowers. With the great array of color options and the paper-like cutouts, this pattern would make a great accent wall or fun powder room.


Sascha is a slivered geometric with sharp, distinctive lines. It almost reminds me of broken glass or cracking ice. The colorways are soft and subdued, with the exception of the black and bronze paper. This paper would be great behind a bookshelf or in a smaller space where you don't want to lose the pattern due to cut-outs or small strips. You get a lot of visual impact in a small amount of space with Sascha.


Yelena is a great vinyl texture that combines the look of a grasscloth with the look of a slubby silk. Being a vinyl, this paper is great for kitchens, bathrooms, or hallways. This paper is available in neutrals, but my favorite is the ink colorway – it has a gorgeous blue black with a metallic touch that emphasizes the texture of the pattern.


Whichever you choose, you just can't go wrong with Xander.


Happy wallpapering~


                                                                             Design is everywhere.

                                                                                      Design is life is design.


August 6, 2015

~ Yellow & Gray Color Scheme ~


Think of it as sunshine on a cloudy day. Yellow cheerfully perks up a gray interior. With gray being the “go to” paint color in the Midwest, you have to be careful not to make the room feel dead, dark or dreary. Gray should serve as a neutral backdrop that provides a  classic or contemporary vibe. Adding an accent color (like yellow) really brightens the room and keeps gray from looking “blah.”

I recently re-decorated my living room in a yellow and gray color scheme and it instantly became my favorite room in the house. If you know me, you know I am a gray paint junkie. The majority of my house is painted in varying shades of gray. I absolutely love the combination of matte Galveston Gray and Kendall Charcoal in my living room and dining room. We kept the trim a crisp Chantilly Lace semi-gloss.

Our living room is amazing (if I do say so myself!). We anchored the room with a darker gray patterned area rug with a classic geometric pattern. The sofa we selected is a light linen (very risky with two small boys in the house) to warm up the space so the gray doesn't overwhelm the room. This beige tone also helps transition from cooler neutrals to the warmer yellow accents. The accent chair, although gray and cream, has a great geometric pattern that keeps it fresh. Pops of yellow were brought in using a little accent chest by the front door, lamps, artwork, pillows, and accessories. We also made a point to layer patterns and textures – classic geometrics, linens, modern geometrics, ikats, and florals. The best part about the space is that we could easily swap out the yellow accents if we ever change our color scheme because we kept the main, larger pieces neutral.

Give the yellow and gray color scheme a chance in your home – whether it be a living room, bedroom, or office!

Bring some sunshine to your cloudy day!~

                                                                             Design is everywhere.

                                                                                      Design is life is design.


January 7, 2015

~ The Colors of Love ~

I know Valentine's Day is just over a month away, but why doesn't it get as much attention as Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas when it comes to décor? My theory is that despite many considering it a “Hallmark Holiday,” it has a lot to do with the colors associated with the holiday. When you think Valentine's Day, many people think of reds and pinks, but let's explore some other options in addition to the typical palettes.

~ Reds and Pinks ~ The colors you see most typically associated with Valentine's Day are red and pink. Pink still gets a bad rap as being gender specific, but we are seeing it more in décor. Hot pinks are popping up in male fashion and can definitely find a place in your home décor. Red is typically considered the “color of love” because it is the color of passion, romance, and sexual energy. It also has to do with the idea of the heart as being red. Feel free to explore the many shades or reds and pinks in your décor this season- from deep red-wine tones, to blue-based magentas and orange based pinks!

~ Greens ~ Now, you might find me a little crazy for thinking of green as a color of love, but psychology is telling me I'm right on! On more of a global level, “green speaks to our desire to foster understanding and acceptance between people and to see the potential value and goodness of each person. Green does not represent the color of love on the level of passion between two people” according to To me, green signifies true love and deep commitment as opposed to the traditional passion and lust that is so widely associated with Valentine's Day. Be careful when decorating with greens for this holiday as you don't want to look like you got a jumpstart on Saint Patrick's Day – try a combination or softer and bolder greens as opposed to a bright shamrock green. If you are not in to the cliché reds and pinks, and you don't want go totally green for Valentine's Day,  try mixing greens and pinks for an updated, poppy vibe!

~ Decorate, Decorate, Decorate ~ Let's give this holiday the true love it deserves by going all-out! Your typical holiday décor has been taken down and Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to keep your home from looking desolate. If you have kids, get them involved in creating some great decorations (many of which are edible!) and make this a month-long celebration of the love you have for yourself, your family, and everyone you care about!

Design for love, whether you're red or green!~

         Design is everywhere.

                         Design is life is design.


October 23, 2014


~ Forget the Trends, Design What You Love ~


“What's trendy?” is a question designers are often encountered with. My response is usually something along the lines of a question about the person, their home, or their style. I believe that you should not design around what's trendy, but what you love. Usually, if you love something, it will work in your home and eventually be considered 'on trend.' I do however, get excited when something I love is declared as “trendy” because it kind of makes me feel an though I set the trend – even though I know I didn't! That being said, here are some things I love that are trendy right now and some encouraging words on designing for what you love.


~ Chantilly Lace (the color, not the actual lace) ~I love Benjamin Moore's Chantilly Lace. It is my ultimate favorite color for trim – it's even more of a pure white than Pure White or Super White. It's a very bright and clean white that makes a statement. All of the trim, doors, and kitchen cabinets are painted in Chantilly Lace. Some people think it's too bright- and for many homes, it is. I just love crisp, clear trim with almost no undertones because it gives you flexibility in choosing your wall colors. I am super-excited to announce that it is included in the Benjamin Moore Color Trends collection for 2015! It is featured as a satin trim paint, but I prefer a semi-gloss finish for higher sheen and more durability. I encourage you to consider Chantilly Lace as a trim color if you want a beautiful white that will go with everything!


~ Nailheads ~ Oh nailheads, how I love thee. Whether it's on furniture, cornices, headboards or even handbags, I am crazy for nailheads. With so many finish and color options, there is a nailhead for everyone. Nailheads add the perfect finishing touch to a custom product and provide a tailored, classic look. They can skew more traditional or more contemporary- making this an ideal detail for all!


~ Design Advice ~I am a sucker for a motivational or inspiring quote – especially a graphically beautiful one from Pinterest. There are so many design quotes and advice to be found out there, but I love ones that encourage individuality. I believe that the design of your home should reflect you, your passions, your family, and your personality – not what is trending. You will never feel fully content and happy in your space if you design for anyone but yourself. It's great to speak with a professional designer for advice and guidance, but I don't believe in a designer pushing their style upon your home. If something makes you happy in your home, there is always room for it and it will always “work.” Be creative, be you, and design happy.


Don't design for trends, design for you!~


                                   Design is everywhere.


                                           Design is life is design.




July 11, 2014

~ We're Moving!!! ~


I don't know if you've heard ... but … Thybony is moving to Vernon Hills!!! August 13th is our move date and we couldn't be more excited! I have just been bouncing around the store in excitement and prepping for the move as much as possible. I am going to stray a little from my typical blog and share a little about our new space!


Who: Thybony Paint & Wallcoverings

What: We're moving!!!!

Where: 700 North Milwaukee Ave., Suite 138B

             Vernon Hills, IL 60061

             (The southwest corner of Milwaukee and Rte.60)

When: Open for business August 15th.


~ Colors ~Liz and I have been working diligently to select colors and materials for the new store location. We have decided on a soft, neutral palette with pops of color. We wanted to showcase the new Benjamin Moore Williamsburg Collection in our space, so we chose CW-80 Carter Gray, CW-55 Finnie Gray, and CW-45 York Gray. Our accents will be seen in accessories and fabrics and will include aquas, corals, and greens to start. The idea behind keeping the walls neutral is that we can change our accents seasonally or with evolving trends.

~ Layers, Layers, Layers ~ The best part of designing when starting with a “vanilla box” is getting to create depth and a total vision. Being a retail store that is relocating, we obviously need to include current fixtures, but we did have a little flexibility on color, pattern, and texture. We have talked about the color, but a space really isn't complete without pattern and texture. Limited with a hard-surface flooring, we plan to layer area rugs with varying textures and colors to add depth to the space. Wallpaper in select areas will accent the architecture and fabric and window treatment displays will add softness to the store. Accent pillows and furniture will include a mix of colors and patterns.

~ Moving Tips ~Whether moving an entire store or just your home (which is a feat in itself) – organization is key. Begin collecting boxes as soon as you even have the idea of moving – trust me – the more size options, the better. Label EVERYTHING! Don't just label the top of the box, but label at least one side for when boxes are stacked – it helps when you need to get things organized quickly. And be as detailed as possible as to what is in each box – sometimes it's the littlest thing you need right away that you can never find. Label the room name (or department name) and then the contents. Enlist the help of your friends (or staff) to move the small stuff. Larger items are best left to the professionals – for your safety and the safety of your furniture and equipment, HIRE HELP! Unpack quickly in an organized fashion – make an assembly line. Have someone unpacking while another person is breaking down boxes and throwing them out to reduce clutter and confusion. Enjoy your new space! We can't wait to move to our new space and we can't wait for you to come check it out! See you soon!

Come visit us in our new location!~


                                  Design is everywhere.


                                        Design is life is design.




May 5, 2014

~ If You Paint It, Spring Will Come ~


Prepping for Spring is one of my favorite things to do. We are beginning to see glimpses of Spring here in the Midwest and we need to prepare for sunny happiness! I love a great DIY project and with so many ideas circulating on the internet, especially on Pinterest, how do you choose which to tackle first? I want to conquer so many DIY Spring projects, and here are just a few of the great ideas to help prep your exterior for Spring!


~ Painted Pots & Planters ~Whether you love solid classic colors or fun patterns, this is one of the easiest ways to prep your exterior for Spring! You don't have to change the color of your pots and planters (although it can be an easy way to showcase current trends). Just a fresh coat of the current paint color can sometimes be enough to rejuvenate your pots. If you are uuber creative and want to add a little whimsy to your porch, try painting a variety of patterns in Benjamin Moore's 2014 Color Trend colors like we did here at the store! Make sure that you either use a paint that is meant for exterior applications, or use a non-yellowing water-based clear coat to protect your new paint job!


~ Paint Your Front Door ~ Your front entrance sets the tone for your whole home – not to mention give you the opportunity to be the envy of all of your neighbors! This is the place to really make a statement. There is no rule saying that your front door has to match your shutters or blend in with your trim (unless your HOA really did make that a rule...HA!). Just like with the planters, a fresh coat of the same color really can make a difference, but a different color will really make an impact when you are looking for an update. Try a vibrant color and be daring – maybe a yellow or bright green?! Try something just outside of your comfort zone – a door is small and can easily be repainted when you are ready for another change. If you are looking for tips and product recommendations, just go to our “Ask the Paint Guy” section and Jay will give you a step-by-step breakdown for painting your front door!


~ Update Your Mailbox ~Paint it, polka-dot it, spruce it up! Mailboxes really reflect your personality. Just like with the pots and planters, have fun! You don't have to go crazy and turn your mailbox in to a cow or a train, but a little paint goes a long way! Don's just paint the box itself, paint the post and emphasize your house numbers on the box or post – (designers that are trying to find your house for an appointment will really appreciate the visible numbers). Maybe even paint glow-in-the-dark paint over the numbers to help company find you at night! This unexpected update will vamp up your home's curb appeal!


Prep for Spring and get painting!~


               Design is everwhere.

                             Design is life is design.



March 6, 2014


~Fresh, Fun Designs~


It's time to begin to think Spring – we can only hope, right?! This weather is so frigid, we can only hope it will get better soon. Let's start refreshing the inside of your home so the outside will follow suit! Fresh and fun is what I'm thinking for Spring...


~ Jessica Zoob designs for Romo ~Jessica Zoob is a UK-based artist that has partnered with Romo for Spring 2014. I absolutely love her abstract art and Romo has done a beautiful job of transposing it on to fabric, wallcoverings, and throw pillows! The visual texture from the pattern alone will leave you feeling like you have hand-painted walls by Jessica Zoob herself! I am also obsessed with the sheer fabric panels for Spring! We all know I love a good throw pillow and these are incredible – they will truly transform your sofa in to a work of art! As someone who has always loved to paint, I am in such awe of everything Jessica Zoob right now! Kudos, Romo, you have a winner!


~ Fresh Ikat ~ I will be the first to admit that I have not always been a fan of the ikat pattern. Something about the slightly messy nature of it has not always appealing to me – I once heard it be considered an argyle on hallucinogenics!  This ethnic/tribal pattern is on the upswing in home interior trends and the fresh colors we see it in have me crushing on it! From the crisp, clean greens and blues on Thibaut wallpaper and Kiribati fabric from Schumacher, to the pinks and corals, I love it! I even painted a pot with a Thibaut-inspired ikat pattern for our Benjamin Moore 2014 Color Trend seminar! Look for ikats in brighter tones for Spring and keep the darker, more subdued ikats tucked away until Fall.


~ Hunter Douglas Parkland Woods ~In terms of window treatments – I love wood blinds. Always have, always will. I grew up in a room with off white wood blinds and now I have white ones in my house! But the color am I completely in love with right now is the Porcini Mushroom color that Hunter Douglas has available in their Parkland Wood collection. I like to think of this color as the 'Restoration Hardware' color of wood blinds. We all know the color – the greige tone of wood that looks slightly weathered and classic. These solid wood blinds offer great flexibility in light control and this particular color will look great with white trim, cream trim, darker, or grayed down woods. Let in the light this Spring! Love, love love!


Smile, Spring has to come eventually!~


                          Design is everwhere.                     

                                 Design is life is design.




January 15, 2014

~New Year, New Designs~


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! The craziness is over and it's time to take down your holiday décor. This usually leaves your home feeling empty and sad – especially here in Chicago when you are in the middle of Chi-beria. It's freezing cold and the snow leaves things looking desolate. But alas, there is hope for your post-holiday winter interior! These are the things I am loving right now:


~ Built-Ins~Bookcases and entertainment centers always look more complete when built-in to your space. They mesh with your décor and become part of the home. Winter is a perfect time for a project like this. You are indoors and if you want to DIY, you have plenty of time for this project when it's too cold to be outside – just make sure you have adequate space to use the power tools indoors! Once the built-in is finished and painted, dress it up seasonally with inserts. Cut foam-core boards the size of the back of each opening and wrap in fabric or wallpaper for easy-to-change accents!


~ Throw Blankets ~ I know this seems obvious as a winter accessory staple, but there are so many options now for throw blankets and they are so versatile for décor. Not only will they keep you cozy, but they look chic too! This is probably the favorite accessory in the house according to my dog and my one year old – child-proof and stylish – sign me up! Toss over a chair or on the end of your bed to add dimension and a pop of color to your space. If you are having trouble finding just the right throw, have one custom made! They will not only be the exact fabric you choose, but you can select your weight (I recommend lightweight for throws) and trim will really dress it up. Change your throws with the season, just like accent pillows. A chunky throw or a bright color for the winter, and a lighter, more gauzy for the spring and summer.


~ Bright Colors ~Who says winter has to be dark, dingy, and boring?! Spruce it up with some bright colors for your accessories or on accent walls! Pantone's Color of the Year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid and the saturation of this color is absolutely stunning! What's great about this color for winter is that it is actually a warm purple since it has some red in it. I also love brighter yellows, oranges and pinks to warm up a gray winter. I consider these bright colors “happy colors”!


DIY, Stay Warm, and Feel Happy!~


                                      Design is everywhere.

                                           Design is life is design.


December 23, 2013


~Winter Warmth and a Happy Holiday~


The Holiday Season is upon us and the snow is beginning to fall...I love this time of year. Not because of the cold or the hustle and bustle, but because of the décor and all the gathering of family and friends. These are the things I am loving right now:


~ Wood Grain and Wood Plank Wallpaper~Don't get me wrong, this is not the wood graining of the '70s and '80s . Wood grain wallpaper has come a long way and is a great accent for your walls. Even if you do a small nook, mudroom, or accent wall, the visual texture this wallpaper can add is amazing! I would not choose a chunky or heavy wood grain paper, but a smooth, sleek paper with a sophisticated feel. York and Thibaut have done amazing things with this style and I absolutely love the look!


~ Natural Holiday Decor ~ I very much love slightly rustic holiday décor. I'm not talking about wanting to live in a northwoods lodge, but there is something home-y and warm about driftwood, very natural-looking garlands, pine cones, and muted reds that I love. Pillows that remind me of warm sweaters, lanterns that flicker with soft light, and hot chocolate with marshmallows create an atmosphere of comfy love. Throwing in  some plaid flannel that I love from Fall is also a must! Linens, chunky cottons, wool, and burlap are all great fabric options for this style of décor.  This style is great for family rooms and more casual spaces.


~ Champagne Sparkle Decor ~Although more glitzy than the natural holiday décor that I love so much, champagne is my color for the more formal areas in my house. Pillows with a champagne color and a little sparkle and formality to my living room and dining room. This color also opens up the option of silver AND gold accessories and accents. Incorporate a faux silk tablecloth or runner to add beautiful texture and dimension to your dining table. Shameless plug: we can custom make tablecloths, runners, placemats, napkins, seat cushions, and pillows for your holiday season or any time of the year. Everyone needs a little sparkle in their life!


Best gifts to give:


For the new homeowner:

A Thybony gift certificate

A gallon of paint with brushes and rollers


For the girl who has everything:

A custom made runner or tablecloth


For the handyman:

A PiVit ladder tool for leveling a ladder on staircases and rooftops


For the person that needs a little help:

A Thybony Design Service gift certificate


For the kids:

Pillows in their favorite color and pattern – round ball pillows are so fun!


Happy Holidays!~


                                Design is everywhere.

                                       Design is life is design.




October 3, 2013

~I'm 'Fall'-ing for These Autumn Design Trends~



Haha..I love a corny pun.What am I wanting for Fall? There are so many options! I love this time of year – cool, crisp weather, pumpkins, football, and of course – the beautiful colors! A few things I am particularly all about this Fall are - in no particular order:


~ Layering Area Rugs ~ This design trend is all about Fall! It looks so great to layer your area rugs like you layer your clothes for the cooler weather! My favorite way to layer is to begin with a larger base rug – a solid color or texture is great for this. I prefer to use a natural fiber rug for fall – it brings the outdoors in and adds a great Autumn element. A smaller rug to top off the look is like adding accessories to your outfit. A great pop of color and pattern is fun – or go softer with a more muted rug with fringe on the ends!


~ Deeper colors for Fall ~ I'm talking eggplants, deep grays, and teals. I just painted my entry/living room Benjamin Moore's Galveston Gray and Kendall Charcoal. Super Nova is a rich, deep eggplant and Caribbean Teal is a deep-sea teal that is perfect for Fall. I love the grays for the base of a room and accenting with accessories in the teal and eggplant families. Plus orange pumpkins really “pop” against these deep hues!


~ Warm, Wooly Fabrics ~I love a wool/flannel - especially in a plaid! This screams Fall to me - maybe because it brings me back to my preppy school days and the anticipation of the beginning of the school year (yes, I was THAT girl) or maybe just because I think comfy, cozy, and warm like your favorite pajama pants. Using plaid wool in your home can be done in so many ways because it is so durable. Plaid curtains are a little too country/lodge for my taste, but accent chairs, pillows, or throws are great ways to incorporate this warmth in to your home. Kirkby Design designed some amazing wools for Romo in great colors. They have some that are more muted (which I prefer) or some that are more vibrant. Don't be afraid to mix this typically traditional pattern and texture in with a more contemporary design – it adds a great elemental detail.


Design is everywhere.

              Design is life is design.


                                        - Michelle


September 5, 2013

Design is life is design. This is my new philosophy. I've recently been having difficulty keeping my work life and personal life separate – but now I realize – why should I? I love design and it's so integrated in to
my life that my two worlds often collide.


I see something – a wallpaper, a fabric, or a new hardware – and I decide I want it. Whether it be for my own home or just for my “home in another life,” I use “I want,” “I love” interchangeably. “I want” means that I appreciate a design choice, a pattern, or a style. It may not be my personal style that I would put in my own space, but there is just something special about it!


Right now, what do I want? Chocolate, but that's beside the
point. Haha. In design, I currently love:


  1. Shumacher's Amboise Linen Embroidered fabric – the curves soften the geometrical base to this fabric and I absolutely melt over anything linen. Remember – linen will wrinkle but that's the beauty of it!
  2. Chevron! The collection that Jonathan Adler designed for Kravet is full of chevron and I love it! This pattern goes with almost everything and even thought it's trending right now – I think it's classic!
  3. Dip-dyed linen from Romo! The colors are exquisite and the 10' repeat is so dramatic! On top of being linen, the dip-dyed colors add such a great punch to any space.


Design is everywhere.

              Design is life is design.




February 8, 2013

I want this....


Hello design enthusiasts, and others who accidentally clicked on my blog,


With all the new books we have been getting into the store recently, it is difficult to narrow my “wants” to just three. I will do my best and maybe add an additional blog this month in order to cover everything. This month’s blog features some of my very favorite things – pink and lots of blacks and grays. The pink was inspired from this amazing Benjamin Moore training that we were invited to attend. Mary and Fran from Benjamin Moore taught us to give color seminars to the public! With all this paint talk going on, I have decided to include at least one paint color in every blog. That being said, this month I want:


1.  Benjamin Moore color 1325 Pure Pink. I love this color. My bedroom in high school was painted about this color. As soon as I moved out my parents painted over it, but it is fantastic. It is such a happy pink and it looks amazing with white furniture. I want this in my house now. I need to have this color in my life again soon. It would also look great painted on a piece of furniture in high gloss.


2.  J.F. Fabrics new Serendipity book is awesome. It is set up with amazing colorways and each color collection offers enough variety of fabrics that you could cover a whole room in it! There are great embroideries in fun patterns as well as solids and stripes for draperies, pillows, and window treatments. The colorways are so current and I love the combinations.


3.  I seem to really love J.F. Fabrics wallpaper lately. Their new Black & White book is fantastic! It has flocked poetry wording and florals as well as some of my favorites – plaids and polka dots!!! I do also appreciate the great houndstooth and stripes. There are modern street maps and picture frames too. My favorite part is that the entire book is done in blacks, whites, and grays with a mix of metallics, flocking, and textured matte finishes. Yay for monochromatic color schemes!

I would love to combine all of these favorites into a single room – it would be amazing! Now getting my husband to allow me to paint a room in our house pure pink would be even more amazing~ That's all I want for now... until five minutes from now when I open another book...


                                                                                      ~ Michelle ~

February 7, 2013

I want this...


It has been quite a while since I have blogged – a year to be exact. There have been many changes not only in my design taste, but in my life.


I now have an adorable little baby boy and I am moving to a new house! These are two very fun new opportunities to decorate and design!


We will begin today with what I wanted for my son, Blake.  Besides typical motherly wishes of health and happiness, I wanted an awesome bedroom.  I don't necessarily like everything matchy-matchy so I decided to get a little creative.  I incorporated new and used furniture when designing his room.  New of course was a crib and changing table (new because you always want to keep up with the newest safety standards); and used is his nightstand (an old solid mahogany piece from my husbands co=worker), dresser (a treasure found on the side of the road), a wood rocking chair (discovered at a local thrift shop), and a small cabinet/bookshelf (acquired from my father-in-law.)  In order to unify all of these unique pieces, we painted them Benjamin Moore Super White to match the crib and changing table. With a little new hardware, these mismatched pieces became sentimental additions to our first baby's nursery.  (For tips on painting/refinishing furniture send questions to Jay at “ask the paint guy.”)


For the walls, I wanted a color he could grow with – a great neutral that would mix well with different accent colors.  I brought a few of my favorite medium grays home for my husband to look at (because he insisted on having an opinion) and we went to work. We chose Ozark Shadows because of its neutral nature – not too blue, too green, too dark, or too light.


For accent colors, I began with the bedding – this is usually the most difficult decision in designing a baby nursery.  I am not a fan of cartoon type characters or themes in nurseries so I decided on just a simple pattern. Not just any patterns, but my favorite pattern – polka dots! I found great bedding in yellow and aqua/blue with white polka dots.  This combination looks amazing and it is so fun! Now knowing my accent colors, the question was where to incorporate them?  I painted 8x10 canvases in the bedding and wall colors (using Benjamin Moore pint samples) with a stripe pattern because it looks great with the polka dots.  On each of the 5 canvases, I attached a letter from Blake's name that I had painted Super White.  We hung them over his crib and they are so cute!  The next place to incorporate color was the changing table cover – I bought one in yellow and one in the aqua/blue color so I can change them out when they need to be cleaned.  I decided to use the aqua color in the lighting by buying a ceramic lamp for the dresser in the aqua color and purchasing a clear glass fillable lamp which I proceeded to fill with aqua and blue sea glass!


Although many people choose blackout window treatments for nurseries, I feel that a little more light is good for a baby because they will eventually need to learn to sleep in the daytime.  After all, there won't be blackout curtains everywhere you ever take your baby.  We decided on simple faux wood blinds in white (I recommend Hunter Douglas Everwoods with Literise – no cords for enhanced child safety!)


Keeping a neutral base has opened up the possibilities for accent colors such as bright green, or red and navy blue as he gets older! I'm sure Blake with have numerous design schemes in his bedroom before he leaves the nest, and I intend to make every one of them fabulous!


Blake's room will continue to be the same color and design in our new house since I love it so much – but stay tuned because once he outgrows his crib, the design will evolve and grow right along with him!


Until next time....


~ Michelle ~

February 7, 2012

I want this....


Hello design enthusiasts, and others who accidentally clicked on my blog,


I have decided to call my blog “I want this....” because I say that at least twenty times a day. I really need ten homes to call my own in order to get all of the amazing designer things I seem to want. Along with my typed blog, I will also be making a video blog of the super cool things we get in at the store that I want. In video form I will also present all of the new books that we get in, but the “I want this....” blogs will highlight the things I really love and reflect my personal style choices.


Some of the newest things that I want include:


1.  Fabrics from the Duralee Delfina book. Why? I love the bright colors and novelty prints. I think I need to have some babies just so I can use some of these adorable fabrics...maybe we should tell my husband.


2.  Wallpapers from the Prestige Wallcoverings of JF Fabrics. Why? The Euphoria book is full of great designs in trendy colors AND they look hand painted. Of course I love the dark neutral backgrounds, but I am really starting to love the purples – both light and dark.


3.  Embroidered wallpaper from the Carl Robinson book. Why? Although this book is not new to our collection, it is my absolute favorite! Who wouldn't want embroidered wallpaper?! The paisley-type medallion is my first choice (especially on a dark gray background) but I also love first paper in the book that is a neutral vertical swirl. The details are amazing and I love, love, love it for a room with a vaulted ceiling!


Come check these out in our store plus other amazing things! I will continue to share things that I want because let's be honest, I was slightly spoiled as a child and continue to say “I want” on a daily basis.



          Hope this leaves you wanting more....



February 3, 2012

Hi! Just as a get-to-know-you, I'll start by sharing a little about me. I'm Michelle and I graduated with my B.F.A. in interior design from Harrington College of Design in Chicago. My personal design style varies. Although I love ultra-girly things like bubblegum pink walls with white furniture, I also am currently obsessed with dark neutrals- especially gray, taupe, and black. I love a little bit of whimsy in every room and enjoy unique or sparkly pieces. I like to find inspiration in nature – I love trees, rocks, and flowers. Being that my design style is a little ADD, I find it very enjoyable to design in any style for others homes. I would love to help you design your space whether you have questions in the store or in your home.