Meet our talented and enthusiastic team!

Chris Larsen


(Since 1989)


Chris is the fourth generation owner of Thybony.  His goals remain the same as his great grandfather's, William Thybony:  To provide the very best customer service, top quality products and expert advice to all of our customers.




Amanda Delaney

Interior Designer

Allied Member ASID 

Gallery Showroom Manager

(With Thybony since February 2011)



Amanda graduated from The Illinois Institute of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design. She believes the easiest approach to design is to create an enviornment that enhances everyday life. To her, design is more than just the details, it's the finishing touch! Be creative, be bold and have confidence in your design style!



Tel: 847-998-7420

Sue Paasch

Interior Designer

(With Thybony since December 2012)


Designing is working with the principles and elements of an area to personalize according to mood and desires to transform your surroundings. I believe we should always be considerate of our environment in our creations. It always puts a smile on my face to see a beautifully, put together project!



Tel:  847-998-7420

Elizabeth Schaiper

Textile Designer / Colorist

(With Thybony from 2005 to 2011, and happy to have her back as of Aug. 2013)


Liz graduated from Northern Illinois University with a B.F.A., in Textile Design.  Her love of beautiful fabrics, colors and designs is obvious. From the most subtle to extreme design changes, she feels the challenge should always be exciting and never feared.


Tel: 847-949-0900


Michelle Micolta

Interior Designer

(With Thybony since October 2017)


Michelle graduated from Harrington College of Design with a B.F.A. in Interior Design in 2011.  With over 10 years of working experience in the industry, there is no challenge she isn't ready to tackle.  Her key concepts to design always include contrast, balance, and visual flow while staying focused on functionality and comfort.  She believes that at the end of the day, the design really is in the details.


Tel:  847-949-0900

Edye Sylvan

Interior Designer

(With Thybony from 1980 - 1994, and happy to have her back as of Aug. 2017)


Edye graduated from the University of Illinois with a B.A. in Interior Design.  She is always happy to help her clients select a design style that appeals to their senses through wallcoverings, textiles, paint color and window treatments.


Tel: 847-949-0900

Linda Spalla

Business Administrator

(With Thybony since November 1994)


Linda started with Thybony in the business office, responsible for the accounting/billing.  Over the years, she has become well versed in the product lines from the design side of the business.  Today, she manages to maintain the business financials but enjoys getting away from her desk to help the designers with customers and projects.


Tel:  847-949-4562

Greg Olson

Assistant Store Manager

(With Thybony since November 2005) 


Greg brings more than 30 years of experience to the paint counter.  This makes him the "go to" guy to help you figure out which products will best suit your needs for your projects!




Carrie Spellan

Sales Associate

(With Thybony since 2009)


Carrie has, along with a bright smile and super friendly attitude,  over 30 years in the paint industry. Her abilities with color and product selection make her second to none in assisting you with your project.




Justdon Chesser

Sales Associate

(With Thybony since April 2014)


We are pleased to have Justdon as our newest member of the Thybony family.  He has worked in the paint industry for over 10 years.  He has a great attitude and is looking forward to helping you with your upcoming painting projects!



Todd Fanning

Sales Associate

(With Thybony since July 2005)


Todd is a great asset to our customers, combining a wealth of knowledge with a great attitude! Our Lake Bluff customers can be assured of great painting success with Todd's help!




Rob Bryant

Sales Associate

(With Thybony since March 2011)


Rob is always happy to help.  He is eager to jump in, learn and help customers with their painting projects!




Billy Philippe

Sales Associate

(With Thybony since April 2016)


Billy started working in paint stores soon after he started walking!  He learned the business from an early age and although he left the industry for a few years he came back to do what he enjoys ... and we're glad to have him!  He excels in color and stain matching, so if you need something matched, he is your guy!


Joel & Vicki Casarrubias

Joel's Installations . . .  providing professional measuring and installations for Thybony for well over 20 years!  He is certified with Hunter Douglas as a Professional Installer and also has been hanging soft window treatments for over 35 years.  His positive attitude, his work ethic and his product knowledge has made him one of the most respected installers in our industry.  Joel and his wife, Vicki, make each client a priority.  They provide efficient and friendly customer service every time!