Area rugs are artwork for your floors!

(Posted by Michelle Micolta)

Q: It's overwhelming looking at rugs, and I'm tired of the low quality ones I keep buying and replacing. Do you have any rug tips to help shoppers?


A: Area rugs are the artwork for your flooring. View your flooring as the 5th wall (and ceilings, the 6th!). These days, the rug possibilities are endless and overwhelming. As more and more homes are leaving floor to floor carpeting behind and embracing wood or tile flooring as a way to increase value to a home and fight against common household allergies, this then brings the task of shopping for area rugs to bring warmth back into the space. Shopping for the right rug is easier said than done. At Thybony, we offer in-home consultations to offer assistance with rug shopping with leading manufacturer, Surya Rugs; or visit in store for expert advice from any one of our on-staff designers. To begin the process, here are my best tips for the average shopper:


You'll need to shop for rugs with a couple objectives in mind. Think of it as a required check list:

1.      Fiber Content

2.      Color Scheme

3.      Subject Matter


Fiber Content:

Always start by looking at fiber content and how it fits into your lifestyle and needs before even looking for graphic choices or specific subject matter. If not, you'll soon find yourself falling in love with a gorgeous rug that may be totally impractical for your setting.

For young families with children & pets, I recommend Polypropylene rugs due to their high resilience against cleaning agents. You can even use diluted bleach on 100% Polypropylene rugs for spot cleaning in times of desperation – the fibers are nearly indestructible. Another high performance rug type can be multi-use indoor/outdoor rugs. If using outdoors, be sure to bring your rugs indoors as temps drop in the winter, for if water freezes on the rug, it will crack and destroy the fibers.

For a higher end feel and look, natural fibers like Indian Wool and New Zealand Wools are great choices, but not as cleanable. Avoid any Viscose fibers in rooms that liquids or foods could accidentally make contact, as Viscose will permanently damage itself when making contact with liquid. Viscose is a fiber you'll need to be very careful around and is not suitable for family environments.



Try to bring your entire color scheme of the room into the rug. Remember, it is your 5th wall! A correctly chosen rug will help pull all of the room's colors together in a uniform way that offers best cohesive results for a final look. For a monochromatic look, neutrals and minimal pattern movement would be best. For a striking but elegant look, consider using your accent color in the rug to make the room really pop.


Subject Matter:

Determine if you think a solid versus a patterned rug will work with your existing furnishings and finishes. Solid rugs will help calm and anchor an already visually busy room. Patterned rugs will help add excitement to a room that lacks movement. You can play with pattern on top of pattern, just like in fashion, but be aware of the scale of the pattern! Don't match the scale, offset it by layering a large scale pattern on top of a small scale (or vice versa) pattern on your textiles or wallpaper.



Invest in a high quality Rug Pad! It will not only add extra comfort & security under your feet but more importantly, protect the flooring underneath for years to come. For best results and longevity, always go for Surya's Felt Padded rug pads. We have samples in our showrooms to view.



Here at Thybony, we proudly represent Surya brand rugs & product. Surya is an international leading manufacturer of high-quality, fashion-forward area rugs and coordinating home accessories. We carry a variation of different rug samples in the Vernon Hills showroom, and we can also order any sample of any rug found on Surya.com for you as well.


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