Are you selling your home? Wondering what colors buyers want?

(Posted by Michelle Micolta)

Q: I am selling my home and need to paint. What colors are most appealing to buyers these days?




A: Your house right now probably is chalk full of personality and coziness. I know that because that's what makes a house a home. But the real task at hand is converting your home into an appealing house that is intriguing and alluring to new home owners in the market right now. Color trends are important to keep updated on; as the wrong choice of color or straying away from neutrals can scare potential prospects away. Buyers must be able to envision their own belongings in the house they're shopping for, so having distracting colors can deter buyers. Are choosing the right paint colors clear cut for reselling? No, unfortunately. Things like amount of day light, east facing versus west facing, or even your type of light bulbs can all heavily affect how these colors could look in your home.  But nonetheless, it is a popular question that needs answering so here is a helpful legend that may make the process easier on you. The short answer:  muted neutrals are IN, pigmented deep colors are OUT.

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