I heard wallpaper is back?

(Posted by Michelle Micolta)


Q: I thought wallpaper screams “Grandma!” but I heard it's coming back into style. Is that true?


A: Heck yes – Wallpaper is back in! Did it ever really leave? We have 500+ wallpaper books and every single day we have new orders come through. With hot big name designers like Candace Olson and Joanna Gaines, making their mark in the wallpaper world with stunning patterns, textures, and colors – it's no wonder even millennials are fawning over all the wallpaper possibilities these days. From lavish genuine raw fiber grasscloth to textures to large scale patterns, the variety is massive in 2018 and can be exciting but overwhelming to venture into this world for the first time.


Start with your paint color, flooring color, or any other finishes going

on in the space. Those will help you set the tone of color to look for.


Decide if you're bold enough to try a large scale pattern like a

geometric or the newest trend – extra large scale florals.


Ever wanted a unique rustic reclaimed wood wall to finish off your shabby chic style but can't fathom the price to do it in genuine reclaimed barn wood? You'd be starkly surprised when you see how realistic a textured wallpaper is to give you that same look and feel.


Once you take the plunge into wallpaper land, you won't regret it. Don't forget you can order samples or check out a book to take home for up to 3 days from our Vernon Hills or Glenview stores to make the process less daunting. The variety is endless and there is surely something in our collection of books that screams “YOU!”

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