Do Fabrics Speak to You?



 (Posted by Sue Paasch)

Do Fabrics Speak To You?


I love everything about fabric … How it feels when I touch it, to the way it can transform any room into something special.


When it flows between your fingers, can’t you just see that beautiful sheer moving across the sliding glass door in a family room offering a little privacy yet obscuring the lovely natural view of a paradise garden? 


Fabric is what gives a room its personality.  From soft pastels to fairies & ikat designs for little girls to grow into. There are bold solids, stripes and plaids to work with a sport themed room or for a fun outdoor idea.  Faux leathers, velvets and chenilles for bar stools can  make a contemporary office space sophisticated and elegant.


Fabric can warm up a room ... make it cozy, comfortable and inviting.  A chocolate brown sectional in the family room that is in front of a fireplace can give that pop that it needs along with assorted throw pillows. The large windows that look out into a wooded back yard can have a more rustic feel with natural shades and beautiful drapery panels framing out the windows. 


Viewing a line of fabrics puts my imagination into full swing!


Come and visit us at our Glenview location. We have a tremendous selection of fabric to choose from and the design ideas to make your dreams come true.


Pictured from left to right above:

Cowtan and Tout / Meadow Flower Fairies            Fabric Tent / Nemo Persimmon

Norbar / Kingdom Stinger            Norbar /Sinbad            Kravet / Hollister            Stout / Chambray / Cadet

RM Coco / Polk / Harrison            Maxwell / Disco - Tec            Duralee / Clarkwille Collection


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