A Little Punch of Paisley

(Posted by Amanda Delaney)


"The only important thing about design is how it relates to people."  - Victor Papanek


A Little Punch of Paisley...


I feel like this admission has been a long time coming, but here it is....I LOVE PAISLEYS!  Not sure why, but for some reason I've always had it in my head that I don't like them, which is strange considering my house is a small 'I Spy' book of this beautiful print.  It just kind of creeps up on me without me even knowing and the next thing I know, BAM!...there it is on my valance.  And on my drapes.  And on my chair. And in my artwork.  This sneaky little print keeps making its way into my home and you know what?  It makes me happy.  


Paisleys have been popular in design for so long and they are the perfect way to swirl into Spring!  They are so easy to incorporate into your home and can be used in both traditional and modern settings.  Over the years, this classic motif has evolved dramatically, making a once very traditional pattern, a lot more versatile.  Everything old is new again, right?  With so many different trends, I feel like this is one design that never fades.  It just re-emerges with a new 'look', which in my opinion, makes it the perfect combination of vintage and modern.  


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Amanda Delaney

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