Black is the New Black

(Posted by Amanda Delaney)


'Your style is defined by what makes you feel most comfortable." - Anonymous 


BLACK is the new BLACK


Does black ever really go out of style??  I would argue that it doesn't! 


Anyone that really knows me, knows that I LOVE black!  It's timeless, elegant, sophisticated and goes with anything.  It's like that little black dress every woman owns....now matter how long you've had it, it still does the trick.


The problem is that most people are afraid of black.  I get it though...it's dark and they are afraid it's going to close in their space.  For me, I believe the exact opposite to be true.  I think black opens up your space and makes it feel limitless!  Don't believe me?  Look at the pictures I posted...I don't think any one of them look confined.  Some look cozy, others sophisticated, and the rest are just plain old fun!  Black is the chameleon of all colors...you can make it be whatever you want with as much or as little of it as you want.  


Oh, and remember my last blog where I talked about showing your ceiling a little love too?  Well, guess what I did?  I painted the ceiling in my bedroom black and let me tell you....it is to die for!  I couldn't be any happier with the results...it's as if I don't have a ceiling at all.  


So, what do you say...want to surprise your senses? 


Let me help you get your 'think' on!


Happy Designing!


Amanda Delaney

Interior Designer

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