Do What to My Ceiling?

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'Design is all about an open mind, and recognizing the beauty in opportunities beyond what you'd normally think to incorporate.' 




Do What To My Ceiling?


Why settle for just white?


Ever think of doing something crazy and completely out of the ordinary with your ceiling??  Thanks to one of my favorite teachers in college...I ALWAYS do!  During every design project she assigned, like clockwork, she would walk around to look at the progress of our projects and say...'Did you remember your ceiling?'.  To be perfectly honest, before she came along, the ceiling was something I rarely thought about.  Nowadays, I think it's one of the most important walls in a room...it's your 5TH WALL!   


For about a year now, I have been collecting old, unique picture frames from garage sales in different shapes and sizes.  Once I have enough, the plan is to strategically attach them all over my basement ceiling and then apply a fresh coat of paint over the entire ceiling to harmonize them.  The frames are going to add great texture to such an unexpected place!  I can't wait to see the finished product. 


Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't love a crisp, white ceiling...it's just that you shouldn't miss out on an opportunity to do something truly cool and unique in an area that can sometimes be neglected.  Start with just one room, like perhaps the laundry room or your bedroom.  Experiment and have fun with it....the possibilities are endless!


Want something simple? ... Paint the ceiling the same color as the walls for a seamless look!  Thinking of something a little more daring? ... Add great pattern or texture by wallpapering the ceiling!  The ceiling contributes so greatly to the overall design and feel of a space that if you're looking to breathe new life into one of your rooms, perhaps you should start by looking up!


So, to pass along the advice of a very wise woman, I say to you...'Did you remember your ceiling?' 


Let me help you get your 'think' on!


Amanda Delaney

Interior Designer

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