Liquid Walls

(Posted by Amanda Delaney)


'Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.'


- Hazrat Inayat Khan






Let me start out first by saying that I have always loved the look of matte walls and still do!  To me, it looks so touchable, absorbs the light beautifully and hides imperfections on not so perfect surfaces.  That being said, I'm starting to veer slightly away from my comfort zone and delve into LACQUER!  The more I see it, the more I love it...especially on walls!  'Liquid Walls' as I like to call it, add instant drama, glamour and reflection to any space!  To pull this look off, your walls must be in good condition, otherwise this finish will show every flaw.  I'm not going to lie, this look can be pretty labor intensive and difficult to achieve, but the end result is a high impact room with quite a punch!


Not feeling the lacquered walls?  Try adding just a touch of it by incorporating high sheen accessories, a single painted furniture piece or even a lacquered ceiling!  I'm currently in the process of taking an old, dull dresser from lackluster to 'lacquer' luster!  The vibrant orange I selected to go on the outside paired with a gray and white chevron pattern for the inside is going to take this furniture piece to a whole new level!   


So...will you dare to lacquer?


Let me help you get your think on!


Amanda Delaney


Interior Designer

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