The Emerald Isle

(Posted by Liz Schaiper)


It may be known as the "Emerald Isle", but there are several shades of color found all around Ireland's beautiful countryside.  I tried to capture some of those colors as I traveled around photographing some of the most lavish, natural, and almost magical beauty ever imagined.  Being an artist and designer by trade, I felt compelled to photograph as many exterior and interior settings as possible.  On my return, a co-worker teased about my close up and personal photos of real people’s homes.  It turns out no one seemed to care and I am very excited to share some lovely design ideas.


Let’s begin with exterior colors and home details ...


Most people ponder for hours over painting the interior of the home. The exterior is usually secondary and most people choose very neutral colors for the exterior. What we should remember is that the outside should be welcoming and almost a sneak peek into what is inside. Let some of your style and personality show on the outside! I found this to be very true in Ireland. Many homes put a lovely punch of color on doors, window frames, and gates almost framing their homes in color. Do not be afraid to make a statement with a unique exterior color.


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